FPGA and Electronics Engineering



Firmware design test and implementation

Design, simulation, synthesis, fit, timing closure, hardware test and debug for a range of vendor devices, tools, and applications. From full architecture design with multiple clock domains and interface controllers down to just individual components and packages, all solutions tailored to meet the need.

  • + Xilinx, Intel, Microsemi and other device vendors, multiple tiers, with and without SoC.
  • + VHDL design and test with Modelsim, Vivado or GHDL and others
  • + Design and implementation of digital signal processing algorithms for a variety of applications and technologies.
  • + TCL project control for all platforms with vendor IP core integration as TCL scripts.
  • + Git source control for all projects.


Circuit design CAD build and test

Modeling, design, schematic capture, layout, prototype build, hardware test and debug for a range of circuit types.

  • + Altium schematic and PCB layout for analogue, mixed signal and digital designs.
  • + Spice simulations for analogue circuit design.
  • + Python, Octave and Matlab simulations for analoge signal processing. 


Code development unit test and deployment

Develop, unit test, version control, and deploy for a range of languages and purposes.

  • + Embedded C and C++ test programs for SoC interfaces to FPGA fabric
  • + Compilation and debug for embedded bare metal, RTOS and Linux applications 
  • + Web development full stack design test and deployment for Nodejs and Vue or PHP / Apache for web based applications or IoT interfacing.